4 Practical Ways To Take A Healthy Step Back From Social Med...

4 Practical Ways To Take A Healthy Step Back From Social Media

Social media has made it easier than ever to stay connected to other people — and get addicted to an endless scrolling loop.

Checking and rechecking your feed is likely affecting your mental health, and not in a good way. Social media use has been linked to an increase in depression and loneliness, so it’s important to create a healthy balance between your real and online life.

Here are four practical ways to put some distance between yourself and your favorite online platforms.

1. Be picky about what you read.

Get your news from trusted sites — not friends on Facebook — and choose books, podcasts, or engaging articles to explore. Not only is this content more entertaining than your third cousin’s status update, but it also stimulates your brain!

2. Set a time limit for catching up on posts.

Even when you’re trying to cut down on your social media use, you can still responsibly stay in touch with your loved ones. Set aside 30 minutes (or less) to an hour per day to check your feed, and then leave it alone.

3. Choose one device to check up on social media — and don’t make it your phone.

Delete Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and any other social media apps from your phone, and do your daily check in from your computer. This will make it less tempting for you to fall into mindless scrolling and put a stop to those dopamine-releasing notifications.


4. Fill your days with things that fulfill you.

Give yourself good reasons to unplug! Spend time with the people you care about, set goals and work toward them, and keep busy with activities that bring you joy! The best way to take a step back from the online world is to create a life worth living offline!

Social media can be overpowering, but only if we let it. Remember, you’re the one in control!

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