Gymnasts Promised Judges “Something They’d Never Seen Before.” And… They Delivered. Wow!

Winning contestants like Susan Boyle or Collabro rose to the top of Britain’s Got Talent because of one factor: they had something special. Among the thousands of auditions on talent shows such as that, it’s hard to stand out. But a new group in the 2016 season, named ‘4G,’ definitely has something we’ve never seen before. To put it in the most simple form, it’s gymnastics with a twist.

That summation, however, doesn’t give them justice. The team of four (handsome) men, create routines involving two pommel horses, a beam and the floor matched with upbeat music. But their personalities really take the cake. They step on stage with smiles and excitement, ready to impress. Not to mention, every woman in the crowd goes wild when they show off rock solid abs.

The moment the music turns on, a burst of energy explodes onto the stage and it’s hard to even keep up with what’s going on. There’s flips, twists and anything else you can imagine. The crowd went absolutely insane! And the judges definitely joined in on the praise, too. Now their audition has accumulated almost 5.5 million views on YouTube in under a month!

These talented athletes tuned gymnastics it into a full-on show. This is a display of skill and showmanship you definitely don’t want to miss; watch them kick butt in the video below and share today!

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