3rd Grader Thinks Teachers Are Underpaid So He Gives His Own Money To Help Out.

As a parent, you just never know what surprises lurk inside your child's backpack. Darrell and Jennifer Williams of Tampa, Florida, recently got a very pleasant surprise when they peeked in the school folder of their third-grade son, Parker. Inside, they found a handwritten note their son had made for his teacher, Mary Hall Chambers, that immediately warmed their hearts. "Tears sprung out of [our] eyes and we said, 'Parker, what is this?'" Jennifer recalled. "He said, 'I love Mrs. Chambers and I wanted to give back. Teachers don't get paid enough.'" "Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don't think that teachers get paid enough for what they do so will you except (sic) this gift?" the note read. The Williamses discovered that Parker had brought the note along with $15 of the money he'd gotten for his birthday, into school to give to his teacher. He'd been spending a lot of time with his grandmother, a career counselor, who'd told him that in her opinion educators are underpaid for the amount of work they do. When Mary saw the note and the money in Parker's folder and realized what it was, she was touched beyond words. "When I looked at the note I said, 'Oh my gosh, this is the cutest thing I've ever seen. I wrote the little [reply] note and I said, 'Parker, this is so sweet and such a kind gesture ... I can' t take your money, but I really appreciate you looking out for me.'" The Williamses are so proud of their son for his kind gesture, but they're not entirely surprised. He has always been interested in helping others, even forming a club with his two older brothers called the Young Philanthropist Society. The boys often get together to volunteer and do kind things for others in their community.
"We try to teach the importance of paying it forward — understanding that if you are blessed with resources, one of the best things you can do is share them," Jennifer said. "Seeing him living in that way makes us incredibly proud as parents."
Jennifer also said she's happy that Parker's note went viral because it highlights an important truth about the value we place on education. "Mrs. Chambers is emailing us many evenings giving us ways Parker can improve, and things he's done well," Jennifer explained. "It's becoming more of a 24/7 type job [...] they help develop the next generation of children becoming adults." This family has every reason to beam with pride at their thoughtful young man! It's incredible that he's even thinking about how much teachers are compensated for their efforts, much less trying to do something about it. Share this story to encourage more thoughtful gestures like Parker's!
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