Best Dad Ever Does 39 Heartwarming Acts Of Kindness With Cute Daughter.

Two years ago I paid the toll for the car behind me on the toll road. I will never forget the surprised teary eyes of the lady that drove up next to me honking and waving to say thank you.

The world responds to kindness.

Lee and his daughter Amelie saw this firsthand when they chose to give 39 gifts on their birthday.

Lee wrote:”Myself and my Daughter Amélie decided to do 39 acts of kindness to celebrate our birthdays this year (32+7).

What started out as a collection of pictures taken to make a scrapbook, has turned into a little video project after the attention it started to get. I initially was inspired by this type of video to do a little extra. Hopefully those watching will understand that once it started to get a lot of attention, we decided we would like to try and inspire others to spread a little more kindness. If you already do it – great! The world needs more people like you!

….For anyone worried about the cost of doing ‘Acts of Kindness’, there are thousands of free ideas…Hopefully some of you will pay it forward and do one thing nice for someone else.”

I confess, I have not paid a stranger’s toll in the past 2 years. But this video reminded me: doing good is worth it.

Watch this video and share it as your first act to inspire kindness.

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