30 Dolphins Suddenly Trapped On Beach, But Watch These Tourists Do Something Incredible!

In March of 2012, a bizarre event took place just off the coast of Rio de Janeiro. Tourists sat enjoying the sun and playing in the ocean, when out of nowhere, charged what looked like a single wave in the calm water. But they soon realized the wave was actually a pod of 30 dolphins! Who wouldn’t want to see a group of these beautiful creatures? Gerd Traue did, so he began filming the event.


But what seemed like a cool experience turned into a horrific sight. The holidymakers quickly saw it wasn’t a show but instead a possible tragedy. The dolphins were becoming stuck on the beach, the first of the group almost fully out of water within seconds, and the back end of the group following close behind.

The image is unnerving.

After the initial shock, onlookers sprung into to action, dispersing a few people per dolphin, grabbing their tails and giving every last effort to save their lives by pulling them to safety. Thankfully, they got every single one off the beach while they were still alive.

There’s no telling what caused this rare event. What made them to so intentionally head to shore even though it endangered each of their lives? Especially because these common dolphins, Delphinus delphistypically live a long way off shore.

By coming together, a random group of people saved lives… even though they had no obligation to do so. They took on responsibility, and made a huge impact. It’s heart-wrenching but also touches your heart in a striking way.

Will you take action the next time someone helpless needs your aid?

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