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3-Legged Dog Who Beat Cancer Lights Up The Stage With His “Wild Puppy Energy.”

A two-photo collage. The first shows Bogart the pitbull mix laying in an agility tunnel outside while wearing a cone.. The second photo shows Heather guiding Bogart the pitbull mix through obstacles on the "AGT" stage.

When Heather and her partner volunteered at a shelter in 2017, they had no idea how much their lives were about to change. After saving the lives of pups who were set to be euthanized at this kill shelter, one of them struggled to find a new home. After spending some time with the pit bull mix, Heather knew they had to keep him. They named him Bogart and, from the moment he arrived, she described him as an “explosion of wild puppy energy.”

Still, this energetic pup took well to obedience classes and even loved them. But that energy faded when Bogart got cancer, making his best option to remove one of his legs. His mood changed so drastically that Heather wasn’t sure if he’d make it. Then, one day, he showed interest in his agility tunnel in the backyard.

Bogart the pitbull mix lays in an agility tunnel outside while wearing a cone.

From there, Bogart was taken back to training and more like himself for the first time in so long. Now, he’s able to take on four-legged dogs in all sorts of competitions – including “America’s Got Talent.”

Heather and Bogart absolutely took over the stage with their contagious joy. This talented dog moves with such ease, it’s easy to forget he has one less leg. It’s truly touching to see just how far he’s come since 2017!

Heather guides Bogart the pitbull mix through obstacles on the "AGT" stage.

“He’s changed my life in so many ways,” Heather said. “How strong he is, and how much of a fighter he is. And it’s led us here today.”

Watch Heather and Bogart light up the “AGT” stage in the video below.

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