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“How Can You Even Tell Us Apart?” Best Friend Photo Shoot Becomes Lesson On Love.

Children have the amazing ability to remind us how we’re supposed to love.

Kelsey Belflower Ketcheside of Tehachapi, California, witnessed this firsthand after spending time with three special girls. It all started years ago when Kelsey and her two best friends got some exciting news.


“We all happened to be pregnant at the same time,” Kelsey wrote in a recent Facebook post. “To make it even more fun, we were so excited to find out we were all having girls! We talked about how they would grow up and be friends like us, hang out, tell each other everything.”

The girls were born within three months of one another. As their moms predicted, they quickly became the best of friends. They spent the night at each other’s houses, attended the same school, and became as close as sisters.


Kelsey is a photographer, so she decided to do a “best friends” photo shoot with them. The results were incredible! Seeing the sweet friends side by side reminded their mothers that their differences are merely skin-deep. Inside, they’re practically identical!

Ketch The Moments

In fact, as the little ones were celebrating their successful shoot with a promised ice cream date, they started giggling. When they were asked what was so funny, they said, “How can you even tell us apart? We are barefoot and wearing the exact same dress, and we literally look the same! We’re twins!”

Ketch The Moments

Kelsey couldn’t help but agree. “What does the outside matter?” she wrote. “What does status or money or clothes or fame or popularity or career matter? I was reminded this week that none of it does.”

These little girls have already realized what many people never will: We are more similar to each other than we are different! It seems everything in our world is trying to divide us these days, but the simple truth of the matter is we’re all human beings who want joy, love, and peace.

Ketch The Moments

Let’s all do our best to remember how much we have in common and acknowledge that we carry burdens others can’t see. Sometimes just recognizing we’re in this together makes all the difference.

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