3 Cats “Were Slowly Starving To Death” Until This Angel Of A Woman Stepped in.

three cats named james, lupis, and sirius sitting together in a corner. they're all staring into the distance in different locations.

The road to finding a forever home was long and cruel for three cats named James, Lupin, and Sirius, but all it took was one kind person to change their lives forever.

That person was Megan Beavers, an active member of her local rescue community. One day, she noticed a dog that needed help. But as she was helping the pup, a cat ran right up to her and begged for food.

As she was getting some cat food, something she always keeps on hand, another cat joined them… and then another.

“I started talking to neighbors and found out that these cats had been dumped here five months ago,” Megan said. “This is a low-income area where no one could afford to feed these cats, and so they were slowly starving to death while living in an empty dog house. I was told the cats were always hanging around, but no one knew what to do with them.”

At first, Megan planned on having the cats fixed, vaccinated, and looked over before returning them outside, a process known as TNR, but the more she looked at these bone-thin cats, the more she felt they didn’t belong outside.

So, instead, she called her husband with news that they’d be taking in three cats that very night!

She only had one cat carrier to put them in, but with a little food and some help, all three were happy to cuddle together on their way to Megan’s home. Once they arrived, it was time to follow standard intake protocol: They were given flea meds, worm meds, weight checks, and physical exams.

“After handling them, I was 100% confident these are indoor cats someone got sick of and threw outside,” she said. “With this realization, I felt white-hot rage and anger for whoever could take these three sweet, beautiful boys and toss them out in the street like garbage. How could someone possibly do that? Tears filled my eyes because these boys deserved so much better, and I was determined to give it to them.”

As Megan and her husband started giving them the care they deserved, their unique personalities began to shine, giving them the inspiration to name the cats after “the mischievous marauders” from Harry Potter: James, Lupin, and Sirius.

“These guys LOVED hugs and snuggles,” she said. “They cuddle puddled in their cat beds and loved playing with wand toys,” she said. “It’s hard to explain but their demeanors shifted and they just seemed so happy and carefree.”

Once Megan was sure that these three loveable boys were adoptable indoor cats, she reached out to Happy Feet Pet Rescue, the organization she fosters from. Thankfully, they were happy to welcome all three of them!

As thrilled as Megan was by all of the progress James, Lupin, and Sirius were making, she was still so angry they were ever put in this situation. In need of a place to vent, she took to a page on Reddit called r/cats. She shared just a bit of their story along with a message: “Do NOT throw your INDOOR CAT outside.”

In sharing her frustrations, Megan was met with validation for her feelings and a reminder that, although what they’ve been through is horrible, there is comfort in knowing they’re safe now. Best of all, this helped her find them their purrfect forever home!

Megan had received several inquiries, some as far away as Europe, but a woman from four states over stood out the most. Once it was clear she was the perfect fit, she applied and was approved in no time!

“They experienced the worst mankind had to offer … But now they have a family,” Megan said. “They have parents that took a 2-hour flight just to adopt them and were driving 11 hours back because they didn’t want the flight to stress them out. This wonderful couple has already spent an exorbitant amount of money to turn their home into a cat’s dreamland, and they will be loved for the rest of their life.”

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