The 25 Most Mesmerizing Jewels On Earth

Josh Starling

Posted:September 26, 2015

Jewels are mesmerizing.  But I’m not talking about polished, manufactured, jewelry-store jewels. I’m talking about the real stuff… straight from formation.   They’re natural beauty is breathtaking.


All 25 of these gemstones are insanely gorgeous and full of color.  From Amber to Dolomite and Labradorite… the names may be unfamiliar, but the appearances are renowned around the world.

Check them out below and enjoy a taste of unfiltered beauty.

1. Blue Dominican Amber

2. Chalcopyrite with Dolomite

3. Labdradorite

4. African Prehnite

5. Agate

6. Amethyst

7. Apatite

8. Bizmuth

9. Carnelian

10. Chalcopyrite Mineral

11. Dendritic Moss Agate

12. Ethiopian Black Opal

13. Ethiopian Welo Opal

14. Fire Agate

15. Lander Blue Turquoise

16. Malachite

17. Opal fossil

18. Opal

19. Red Lyrium

20. Rhodochrosite

21. Scolecite

22. Tanzanite

23. Titanium Quartz

24. Turqoise

25. Watermelon Tourmaline

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