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25 Times Marnie The Dog Stuck His Tongue Out On Instagram And Made Us Fall In Love.

The internet has always been a sucker for cute pets with adorable physical identifiers… they’re pretty much irresistible.

So when Marnie The Dog started to make appearances, Instagram ate up his cuteness. The canine superstar, a 12-year-old rescue dog, suffers from a very specific disease called vestibular syndrome. The disease left Marnie with a permanently tilted head and ‘lolling’ tongue.

In combination with her emoji-like facial expressions (we all know the one), big eyes and a sweet background story, the cute pooch was bound for stardom once she hit the social media scene.

It doesn’t hurt that she loves dressing up in a wide variety of outfits and has countless famous friends! The sweet Shih Tzu currently has nearly 2 million followers and averages about about 90,000 likes per post. That pretty much speaks for itself.

Below are the 25 most epic times Marnie graced the Instagram world with her undeniable charm and left us all wanting more!

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