21 Pets That Want To Sleep In Your Bed — And Aren’t Into Sharing

Sharing your bed with a pet (or five) can be cozy, but sometimes our cats and dogs don't seem to understand the concept of personal space. For anyone who's ever gotten up to get a drink of water in the middle of the night and come back to find your spot has been taken, we feel your pain! It's even worse because they're too cute to move, and we end up feeling guilty for even trying. These 21 pets have mastered the art of taking over, and we can't stop grinning!

1. "I think my dog stole my boyfriend from me."

2. "And this is why I never leap into bed without checking first."

3. "The look he gives me when he takes my spot in bed."

4. "My cat sitting like a person in bed."

5. "My dog takes my girlfriend's spot when she leaves for work. This is what I woke up to today."

6. "Trying to enjoy coffee and cuddles with my boyfriend, dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. Immediately takes my spot and gives me this look."

7. "I think my dog is bigger than my boyfriend."

8. "Forgot my wife was away — rolled over in bed to see this!"

9. "'I don't want a big dog!' ... 'That dog is not coming in the house!' ... 'That dog better not get in our bed!' -my wife."

10. "Sometimes you can't go to bed because it's just all cats."

11. "Got up at 1 a.m. for water and he steals my spot, pillow and all."

12. "My dog stole my spot on the bed then made this face. Jerk."

13. "Every night at around 9, my cat tucks himself in and waits for my mom to get into bed. He usually lays with her this way for about an hour."

14. "I feel like I'm interrupting something here."

15. "Heckin' stole my spot."

16. "Woke up this morning to this and I have to say, my wife looks a lot different without makeup."

17. "Caught my wife in bed with my best friend."

18. "If I don't make it to bed on time, I don't get a spot to sleep."

19. "Dog parents go on vacation with one rule: 'Don't sleep on Dad's pillow.' Two hours later... REBEL."

20. "Don't mind me, I guess..."

21. "My dog ran around the house 20 times at top speed... then jumped into my bed and fell asleep like this within 30 seconds."

These pets are master bed thieves! It's a good thing they're so cute. Share this story with someone who's lost their spot to a furry friend or two.
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