21 Over-The-Top Pet Owners Who Deserve Gold Medals

Spoiling your pet comes with the territory.

While many pet parents would readily admit to the obscene lengths they’ve gone to pamper their pet, a few really take it to the next level and, thankfully, post the results on social media. Whether it’s the people or their pets that are extra, we’re so glad this photographic evidence exists.

Check out these 21 furbabies getting exactly what they deserve:

1. This owner commissioned a pupper portrait


2. This dog gets his own side of the bed


3. “If you get angry at him, feel free to call him Ronald.”


4. This floof isn’t about to let the rain ruin his ‘do


5. Talk about living the good life

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6. This lil gentleman


7. This doggo being pulled around on his royal sleigh


8. This kitty gets a spa day

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9. “For my gecko’s 5th birthday”


10. “My dog gets bad anxiety when she stays alone & my fam is gonna go out, so we’re leaving my dog w a fam friend & my mom packed her a bag”


11. These two attached at the hip


12. This pup’s Harry Potter nook under the staircase


13. This floof getting his Starbucks fix

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14. This owner will do anything to make things right


15. This dog that literally got her own maternity shoot.

16. This guy had a full-on photoshoot with his dog


17. Look who graduated puppy training today


18. This doggo gets Halloween decorations


19. Need we say more?


20. This mama decided to spice up her dog’s cone of shame



21. “I made my kitten a sweater so he wouldn’t get chilly and now he thinks he’s a stud”


We hope these pets and their people inspired you to be a little extra for the real MVPs in your life. Give your pet lots of cuddles today!

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