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Dog sprawled out on back

20 Times Dogs Stole Their Owners’ Beds… And Totally Got Away With It!

Puppies are the cutest, that’s just a fact. Whether they’re totally ignoring the idea of personal space, jumping all over you or trying peanut butter for the first time, it’s all gold.

And sometimes they know exactly how to push the line, particularly by going where they know they’re not supposed to go… but acting seriously cute while doing it.

In this case, that forbidden location is the bed. Somehow they always know when you’ve done the laundry and put a fresh set of sheets on, because that’s apparently the most opportune time for the act.

Here are the 20 most adorable times pups stole their owners’ beds and had no intent of relinquishing their post!

1. Mmmmmhmmmm

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