Smiling Woman Does 20-Second Hug Experiment, The Reactions She Gets Are So Sweet.

With our culture’s incredible reliance on electronic communication, some might think we’ve lost the ability to fully connect with another person… especially if it’s someone we don’t know.


This amazing woman has come up with her own way to spread at least a little bit of a bond between herself, her friends and complete strangers.

In this experiment, Ginicanbreathe (a.k.a. Virginia) and her pals go around their town with one goal: to get (and give) hugs from people on the street for at least 20 seconds. Well, they definitely got volunteers, but their reactions were so telling. One of my favorite comments was from a homeless man who simply said “Wow,” less than 10 seconds in.

In her attempt to preserve the precious gift of human connection, Virginia has demonstrated how easy it can truly be to form a bond.

“It’s like for a small moment, you have the capacity to glimpse into something that is inherently built into our DNA. Creating a connection to another person is so natural to us… like breathing.”

Her description of the video says simply this: “I love you. Feel free to connect with me.” Sometimes the most simplistic of ideas can be the most important.

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