20 Breathtaking Displays Of Plant And Animal Life Cycles

Every living organism transforms beautifully over time. After all, life is full of change from beginning to end!

Plants and animals alike experience this, moving from one form to the next — and seeing the process as a whole is incredible. That’s why people are capturing stunning images of these satisfying progressions. From blackberries to birds, here are 20 life cycles that prove nature is amazing!

1. “Life cycle of a bleeding heart.”

bleeding heart life cycle

2. “I’ve had the same robin couple nest in the same spot in my yard two years in a row. I’ve been taking photos of each life stage this year.”

robin life cycle

3. Dandelions’ mature seeds are carried off into the wind via fluffy “parachutes.”


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4. From meal worms to beetles.

beetle life cycle

5. A colorful array of salmonberries.

salmonberry life cycle


6. Blackberries go through four colors and nearly 20 stages!

blackberry life cycle

7. Lemons go through even more!

lemon life cycle

8. “Life cycle of a blueberry tree. From dormant to fruits.”

blueberry tree life cycle

9. Then the blueberries enter their own cycle!

blueberry life cycle

10. “My girlfriend happened to catch all three stages in a ladybug’s life cycle on a single leaf!”

ladybug life cycle

11. A pretty pinwheel of chili peppers.

chili life cycle

12. “The Circle of Leaf!”

leaf life cycle

13. Cotton, the most commonly used fabric.

cotton life cycle

14. “Oysters at different stages of growth.”

oyster life cycle

15. Strawberries come from flowers!

strawberry life cycle

16. How you get your morning brew.

coffee bean life cycle

17. “Here’s our aubergine plants ordered by their growth stage.”

aubergine plant life cycle

18. The striped albatross butterfly is just magnificent.

butterfly life cycle

19. Jamun, or the Malabar plum, in all their beauty.

jamun life cycle

20. Milkweed, where monarch butterflies lay their eggs.

milkweed life cycle

These are some of the most breathtaking transformations we’ve seen! What a wonderful reminder that life is a never-ending process of growth and change. We humans are no exception! We can see our own life cycles by flipping through our photo albums!

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