20 People Who Are Putting Their Creativity To Good Use In Quarantine

quarantine projects

As we all know by now, quarantine and boredom tend to go hand in hand.


That said, there are plenty of ways we can not only keep ourselves busy but have fun and be productive! All you need is a little imagination. So, if you’re looking for a fun project to dive into at home, you’ll find plenty of inspiration below. Here are 20 people who put their free time and creativity to use during the coronavirus pandemic.

1. Rusty’s parents took home improvement to an adorable new level.

dog house

2. Best. Dad. Ever!

home movie theater tweet

3. “Social distancing concert for my neighbours.”

social distancing concert

4. “When you can’t find toilet paper needlefelt some.”

needle felt toilet paper|

5. “Trying to keep my kids busy! Painters tape + washable markers. Looks like stained glass!”

stained glass project

6. “Just finished this miniature over the past four days of lockdown … I’m gonna have a whole apartment block by the time this is over.”

7. Keep dinners safe with a social distancing serving spoon!

serving spoon

8. “Stuck in quarantine? Build a live edge table.”

live edge table

9. Now is a great time to treat your kids to a fine dining experience!

10. From cluttered storage space to a functional home gym.

home gym project

11. “Day 14 of quarantine, I made this table for the squirrel in the garden and I even put a stool in case he has a date.”

squirrel picnic table

12. “Spent the first week of quarantine building this greenhouse.”


13. This person decided to brighten the globe, one color at a time.

painted globe

14. And this crafter spread appreciation for our planet through her gorgeous creation.


15. “First quarantine project finished! Matching sweaters for me and my pupper Pam.”

matching sweaters

16. There’s no better way to beat anxiety than turning your home into a perfectly-organized paradise.


17. Now this kitty’s well-equipped to join the fight against COVID-19.

cardboard cat tank

18. “Second week of lockdown meant I was able to finish the first part of a school project. A 6 ft 8 transforming Megatron.”


19. “My daughter made this out of hot glue and painted it, then lied in wait as I found it. So proud!”

hot glue spider

20. Finally, we present to you the sweetest husband ever. He built his doctor wife a blanket fort to relax in after work!

My wife is a doctor. As you can imagine, her stress/anxiety level rn is HIGH. I try to do little things around the house to take her mind off of reality. This was her surprise… from aww

The sheer creativity here is astonishing! It’s impossible to pick our favorite, though we’d love to hear yours! One thing’s for sure: quarantine is what you make of it.

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