20 Adorable Animal Fun Facts Sure To Brighten Your Day

It’s easy to get bogged down by our problems and forget that we share the world with some pretty incredible species.

Animals have a wonderful ability to bring a smile to our faces no matter what else is going on. Just the act of petting a friendly dog can instantly benefit the average person, releasing feel-good endorphins and inspiring a sense of well-being. So the next time you’re feeling down in the dumps, just take a look at these fun animal facts and remember that the world is an awesome place.

1. There are tiny harvest mice who like to sleep inside tulip petals.


2. Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t drift apart and get lost.

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3. Squirrels are responsible for 1000s of new trees each year because they forget where they hid their nuts.

Wikimedia Commons

4. Cows have best friends and prefer spending time with them over others.

Wikimedia Commons

5. Penguins are ticklish.


6. Pollinating makes bees sleepy, so sometimes they’ll take a quick nap on a flower.


7. Goats have accents. If they move to a new herd, they will pick up the local dialect!

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8. Quokkas have no natural predators and aren’t afraid of humans — probably because they’re so darn cute!


9. Mother dolphins sing to their babies while they’re in the womb.


10. In Sweden they hold competitions called kaninhoppning to see whose pet rabbit can jump the highest.


11. Puffins mate for life and build nests on cliffs that include separate bathroom areas.

Wikimedia Commons

12. Studies have proven that dogs actually love their owners. They’re not just grateful for the food!

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13. A group of kittens is called a kindle. A group of cats is called a clowder.


14. In Welsh folklore, fairies prefer to travel by riding corgis.


15. Butterflies taste things with their feet.

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16. Penguins mate for life. When they do, the males search for a special pebble to give as an “engagement” present.

Wikipedia Commons

17. Baby elephants comfort themselves by sucking on their trunks.

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18. When baby koalas outgrow their mother’s pouch, she carries them on her back until they can survive on their own.


19. Crows are highly intelligent and enjoy playing pranks on one another.

Public Domain Pictures

20. Wild pandas are clearly thriving on bamboo because they’re no longer on the endangered species list!

Wikimedia Commons

Don’t you feel better knowing these facts? We sure do. Sometimes stepping away from our problems by thinking about cute animals is the perfect cure for a case of the doldrums!

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