19 Animal Expressions That Perfectly Sum Up The Joys Of Motherhood

Motherhood is definitely not always happy go lucky. Especially when mom is tired or stressed out. You can imagine… sleepless nights, more responsibility, less time for yourself, and the list goes on.

Would you be smiling all the time? No way. Don’t get us wrong, motherhood is a beautiful thing and definitely worth all the sacrifice, but that makes it no less daunting of a task!

All 19 of the little furry families below have one thing in common, stressed out moms and kiddos that are too cute to handle. Check out the adorable pics in the list below! Feel free to melt into a puddle at any point.

1. Hang in there momma!

  • via Adrienne Trego


2. Day two.


3. So this is my life now.

  • via Laura Ingles


4. It’s all worth it though!


5. I didn’t sign up for this.


6. Can’t hang.

  • via Amber Lee


7. Cuteness.


8. All in a row!

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