18 Items That’ll Bring A Little Joy Into Your Everyday Chores

Each day brings us a new list of tasks we must get done. Why not make these chores just a little bit more fun?

From working to preparing food and everything in between, you can bet there’s a gadget out there that will not only improve the safety, functionality, and productivity of that activity, but will also put a smile on your face! Check out some items below that definitey fill that bill, and more.

1. Charging Your Phone.


These super cute animals help protect your cables while keeping them from becoming a tangled mess. These cable accessories prevent “turtle necks,” disconnecting, and damage. Use one or use ten, depending on how many cords you have on your system.

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2. Colorful Silicone Keyboard Cover


These silicone keyboard cover are the bomb. They prevent dust, liquids, and other debris from getting into your keyboard, which is a life saver for those of us who tend to eat lunch at our desks! They’re also bright and cheery, and you can take them off and wash them to keep things sanitary.

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3. Anti-Glare Hipster Glasses


The blue light emitted from computer screens can cause eye strain, headaches, and other unpleasant complications. Wearing these cute chunky hipster glasses will not only make you look stylish, but their amber tinted lenses protect your eyes from glare and relieves eye fatigue.

Do your eyes a favor. Get yourself a pair.

4. Put Your Feet Up Under Your Desk


This is a tiny hammock that fits under your desk so you can comfortably rest your legs while you work. This clever item can attach to any desk to help relieve back pain, tired legs, and poor circulation.

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5. Turn Your Pictures Into Prints In An Instant.


Now that we take most of our photographs with our cell phones, it’s hard to remember to get prints made. With this wireless mobile mini printer you can produce your own high quality prints from the comfort of… just about anywhere. This product is especially great for printing pictures from your mobile phone or tablet.

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6. Watch TV In The Shower


This idea is so simple, it’s practically genius! It’s a clear shower curtain with a waterproof pocket that holds your tablet or smart phone. Next time you’re in the middle of an intense Netflix session you don’t even have to hit pause to take a shower. No more excuses, lol!

Let the binge watching begin!

7. Wake Up Happy With This Incredible Alarm Clock


This little gadget really does it all. It’s a radio, a clock, and a USB charging dock, plus it’s got a built-in projector that displays the time on your wall or ceiling. The easy-to-read digital display is a soft blue that will not disturb your slumber, but can be seen from all over the room. This is one device that will make those early mornings just a little more manageable.

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8. Stay Hydrated & Maintain A Positive Outlook


You’ll want to drink water all day out of this super cute tumbler! The saying “No bad days” is a constant reminder to keep our chin up, no matter what happens.

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9. Cheer Yourself Up Even BEFORE Your Morning Coffee.


These brightly cover k-cups are not just a cheerful alternative to the usual black cups, but they’re also good for the earth. They’re eco-friendly, reusable, and super cute to boot. You know you want them!

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10. Smile As You Stir.


This is a set of stainless steel stirring spoons that are guaranteed to make you grin every time you use them. They’re just little mermaids dipping their tails in your drink – aw!

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11. Make Toast In Style.


This adorable toaster not only gets incredible reviews, its got a retro style that’s sure to look perfect in any kitchen. It’s available in lots of fun colors, too!

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12. Separate Egg Whites From Yolk Like A Pro.


It looks like a cute little silicone piglet toy, but it serves a very useful function in the kitchen. Just put your egg in the pig and squeeze, and you’ll get perfectly separated yolks in no time.

Make cooking more fun here!

13. Eat Breakfast Like A Boss.


This one’s for all the cereal lovers out there! If you’ve ever felt like you could absolutely murder a bowl of Frosted Flakes, this punny spoon is for you.

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14. Flower Power Steam Releaser


Place these heat-proof flowers on the edge of a pot and rest the lid on top. The flower keeps the lid open so steam can vent. Bonus: when the heat is on, the little flower petals spin. Adorable and practical!

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15. The Nessie Spoon Family


How cute is this family of handy cooking utensils? This Loch Ness Monster-themed spoon set nests into itself, creating a space-saving tool that’s also super cute to keep on your kitchen counter. This set comes in a nice gift box, too. And when you cook with them they stick out of the pot like a little swimming Loch Ness monster.

Check them out here!

16. Hedgehog Dryer Balls


Aww! Everybody loves hedgehogs, and these little guys are actually quite functional. Just throw them into your dryer and they act as a natural fabric softener. They’ll save you money on dryer sheets, plus they’re energy efficient because they help dry clothes faster. Also, the aforementioned cuteness factor.

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17. Reusable Silicone Bag Ties.


These funny little dudes wrap around just about anything to keep things neat and tidy. Use them to keep bread or chip bags closed to preserve freshness, or use them to wrap up an extension cord to keep it from getting tangled. They’re handy and hilarious.

Get ’em here.

18. Peg-Leg Pirate Corkscrew.


Arr, mateys! You know you need a giggle when you get home from work! This pirate corkscrew is guaranteed to make anyone smile, and it’s useful too. It not only opens the wine, but it’s got a built in foil cutter and beer bottle opener, too.

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With a little bit of creativity, you can turn those humdrum, everyday chores into a reason to smile! If you like the products you see here, please share them with your friends.

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