People Are Sharing Their Dogs As Puppies Vs Now, Here Are The 16 Cutest.

Sometimes it feels like our little ones grow up so fast that if we blink, we'll miss it. Twitter user Dre D'ussè shared a side-by-side comparison photo of himself and Bear, his adorable goldendoodle puppy, when the dog was 2 and 7 months old. The post soon went viral because people around the world couldn't wait to share their own puppy glow ups! Here are a few of our absolute favorites.

1.  The original post: Bear at 2 months versus Bear at 7 months.

2. Little puppy versus big chonker.

3. Fluffy yeti at 3 months versus 10 months.

4. Three months make a huge difference for large dog breeds like this one.

5. Luna at 2 months versus 10 months. She'll be gorgeous and unique for life!

6. Same kisses, just bigger!

7. Two months versus 10 months. Their smiles say it all!

8. Cute German shepherd at 3 months versus 10 months.

9. Proud papa shows off his pups in pictures taken just three months apart. We can hardly believe it!

10. He grew this much in just six months!

11. Four months versus 11 months. She definitely can't pick him up anymore.

12. Two months versus 4 years. Still as salty as ever!

13. Christmas 2013 versus Christmas 2015. How times have changed!

14. Two months versus 7 1/2 months. Wow!

15. Simba at 2 months versus 10 months. And he's still growing!

16. Two months versus 6 months. He's much bigger but that sweet face hasn't changed a bit.

It's incredible to see how much of a difference a little time, love, and food can make! These good boys and girls are off to a wonderful start in life, but we will always look back at their squishy puppy days fondly. Not that we'll miss the other puppy stuff. The potty training and shoe chewing can't end quickly enough! Share these cute before and after photos with a dog lover who could use a smile today.
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