150,000 Babies Have Been Saved Thanks To This Miraculous Invention. And It’s Something So Simple.

The most dangerous day in a baby’s life is the day it is born.


Desperate mothers and fathers around the world wrap their newborns in blankets and pray through the night and weeks to come for their survival. In places like the U.S. infants are placed in incubators to keep their temperature constant, but very few families in the world’s developing countries have access to this life-saving technology.

“For millions of babies around the world, the difference between life and death is a little warmth.”  Now there is a way to share that warmth.

The Embrace Infant Warmer by Little Lotus does everything a traditional incubator does, but for 1% of the cost. Using “smart fabric” the infant swaddling regulates body temperature during the first few critical days of life, until their little bodies are able to regulate on their own.

Not only is the product a fraction of what a traditional incubator would cost, but every time someone purchases the Embrace Infant Warmer the manufacturer, Little Lotus, will donate a life-saving infant warmer to a baby in a third world country like India.

Watch below to see the amazing (life-saving) success stories.


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