15 LEGO Sculptures Of Zoo Animals That Look Just Like The Re...

15 LEGO Sculptures Of Zoo Animals That Look Just Like The Real Deal

The novel coronavirus pandemic has kept visitors out of the San Antonio Zoo for months. But it’s finally open to the public again — with an amazing new addition!

Welcome to “Wild Connections,” where the animals aren’t real but manage to be just as captivating. That’s because they’re made entirely out of LEGOs! Check out 15 of our favorite intricate masterpieces below!

1. Wild Connections is part of the “Drive Thru Zoo” experience, where families can enjoy each exhibit from the comfort of their cars.

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2. It features over 30 sculptures, from butterflies to bears.

3. Some of the pieces are even life-sized, and all are the result of a huge amount of work!

4. Seriously, just look at all the LEGOs forming this buffalo!

5. Each work of art was created by LEGO extraordinaire Sean Kenney of New York.

6. Sean used more than 3 million LEGO bricks on the whole project.

7. As for the individual sculptures, most of them took hundreds of hours and thousands of bricks!

8. For example, this one required 405 hours of work and 53,460 LEGOs!

9. This snow leopard took even more effort with 580 hours and 63,379 bricks!

10. Just as impressive are the special touches Sean added to each sculpture, like the brick birdseed that goes along with these birds.

11. Plus, they all look incredibly realistic!

12. While the living animal residents are still around, zoo president and CEO Tim Morrow said the LEGO sculptures complement them perfectly.

13. “LEGO bricks have been a large part of many childhoods, sparking curiosity, ingenuity, and creativity,” Morrow said.

14. “Now they can be experienced larger than life, in nature by families visiting the zoo.”

15. The exhibition will be open until September 5, so if you live near San Antonio, be sure to visit!

We’ll sum up our feelings in one word: wow! Sean is one amazing artist! Which sculpture is your favorite?

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