15 Wholesome Animal Pictures That Are Sure To Brighten Your Day

No matter what is going on in the world around us, we can always count on our furry friends to put a smile on our faces.


Animals don’t judge or hold grudges; they don’t care about how much money we make or where we went to school. In fact, sometimes it seems like they have been put here to bring us joy, and they do a fabulous job of it! Here are 15 adorable animals whose sweet faces and upbeat personalities can’t help but brighten our day!

1. This photobombing police horse just wants to be part of the team.

2. We’re not sure what the mama quokka said, but it must have been hilarious.

3. This hippo baby is a few hundred pounds of pure derp, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

4. This seal is more photogenic than we are!

5. “They see me rollin’, they hatin’….”

6. Finally! Some relaxation time at the spa.

7. Couldn’t figure out why the water wouldn’t come out, and then….

8. Richard Simmons called. He wants his headband back.

9. “I groundhog, take you also groundhog, to be my pawfully wedded marmot.”

10. He may not be a prince in disguise, but we’d kiss him anyway, just because.

11. This llama looks really happy to meet us.

12. Please don’t mention her horse face. She’s very sensitive about it.

13. Their new neighbor just wants to borrow some sugar.

14. He’s a simple bunny with simple tastes.

15. When is it our turn to cuddle with this incredibly cute capybara?

There, don’t you feel better? It’s impossible to look at these sweet critters without feeling a mood boost! We are so lucky to share this beautiful world with so many interesting, adorable animals.

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