15 Remarkable Animal Encounters You Definitely Don’t See Every Day

As often as we try to observe and study animals, there’s still so much for us to learn.

At the end of the day, just like humans, wild animals can be unpredictable. Sometimes they are entirely focused on survival, but other times they manage to surprise us in ways that make our hearts happy. Here are 15 of those delightful moments for you to enjoy.

1. This orca is so friendly that it seems to have smiled for the camera!

2. A curious monkey took a stroll on a golf course during a professional tournament in Mexico. Maybe he’s a fan!

3. We can’t get over this sweet orangutan giving a human baby kisses.

4. It took some time, but this lovable sloth was determined to get a hug.

5. Dolphins are known to do amazing tricks, but this one couldn’t stop laughing at a woman doing cartwheels.

6. This talented duck is quite the drummer!

7. After she was rescued, this cuddly kangaroo made sure to give her rescuers a hug every single day.

8. We can only imagine what was going through animal photographer Drew Hammond’s head when this bear casually sat down next to him!

9. Chameleons usually don’t enjoy being held, but this man’s pet, Teemo, is an adorable exception.

10. Turns out, even sloths recognize the joy of petting dogs!

11. After a kind woman saved an octopus from the shallow water it got stuck in, the endearing sea creature showed her how thankful he was.

12. Looks like someone is on his lunch break!

13. Although it’s common for whales to take a quick sneak peek above water, it’s super rare for three to do so all at once!

14. These snuggly besties must really love each other because bunnies only ever turn over on their sides if they feel safe.

15. We can’t tell which is better: the cat playfully slapping the seal or the seal’s silly reaction.

We’re so grateful these rare encounters were captured on camera; we could watch these amazing videos all day! Which one made you smile most?

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