15 Times “Sandwich Bag Dad” Made Lunchtime Better With Cartoons

two-photo collage of two "sandwich bag dad's" joke cartoons

Some of the best parents go above and beyond to make their children happy. For Dave, this means making his daughters’ school lunches a little bit more amusing “one sandwich bag at a time.”

This dad, who is now known as “Sandwich Bag Dad,” has been conquering social media with his amazing and creative joke cartoons. In fact, what started as an online exhibition of his work, has evolved into the publishing of a book containing some of his best cartoons called “The Cartoon Chronicles of Sandwich Bag Dad.”

“A few years ago, I started carving simple designs into my daughter’s school sandwiches — just to keep her amused,” the dad wrote on his Facebook page. “This eventually gave way to more elaborate drawings on the sandwich bags themselves. It has now become a bit of a ritual — and a labour of ‘loaf.'”

Here’s a list of some of his most iconic cartoons that will make you refuse to accept a plain lunch bag ever again.

1. Wow, it seems like Jim Carrey has been hitting the gym lately.

2. You’re not the only “wine,” we can also feel the love!

3. “Here we go again,” with another great cartoon.

4. We just hope that soup is not too hot (even if he’s always dropping it like it’s hot)!

5. That egg looks delicious, we must say.

6. Some bee-utiful words of encouragement!

7. The hug life is the way to go!

8. You see? Storks do deliver babies!

9. We wonder how much his monthly subscription is. Do you think we can subscribe?

10. “Have you been injured in a green eggs-related incident? You may be entitled to comp-ham-sation.”

11. We know most people don’t stick to their word when they say this, but he definitely can!

12. You might as well! Because literally, no one is washing.

13. The Rock seems to be everywhere these days, even in our rolls! (Not complaining though.)

14. Just a little friendly reminder when life gets hard.

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