15 Adorable Cats Who Get Even Cuter When They’re Napping

Cats have a way of looking adorable no matter what they're doing — even when they aren't awake!

There's something about the sight of our feline friends curled up that makes our hearts melt every time. From their peaceful expressions to their uncanny ability to get cozy anywhere and everywhere, these 15 sleepy kitties are sure to bring you joy!

1. Here we see the proper napping position: toe beans up!

sleeping cats

2. "My dad has never had a cat but loves mine when he comes over to my house. He found a kitten crying outside a couple days ago who prefers sleeping like this. I hope he keeps it..."

man with kitten

3. All tucked in and ready for some shut-eye!

sleeping cat

4. "The time I rescued a crying kitten outside. My cat cuddled her."

cats cuddle

5. Dreaming of catnip.

6. Two snoozing cats, one heart.

sleeping cats

7. We can't decide which are cuter: the toe beans or the "teefs."

sleeping kitten

8. "Being snuggled in a beanie made the screaming cotton ball go to sleep."

sleeping kitten

9. "When you’re napping but you also have to practice your ballet."

sleeping cat

10. "My new cat only sleeps on my head. Meet Newt."

kitten on man's head

11. This little darling has mastered the art of sleeping like a hooman.

sleeping kitten

12. "Twinning" in the cutest way possible.

kitten sleeps on mom

13. "Yesterday I adopted a kitten but I think they gave me a meerkat."

sleeping cat

14. When you pass out during a play session.

sleeping kittens

15. "My cat insists I hold his paw while he sleeps on my lap. Never once has scratched me. It's a very trusting relationship kind of thing."

sleeping cat

Talk about a cuteness overload! We wish we could cozy up with all these sleepy sweethearts.

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