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15 Perfect Partners Who Make Us Believe In True Love

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Most people spend a considerable amount of time searching for “the one.”

The perfect life partner doesn’t come along every day, so showing appreciation for that special someone is imperative to maintaining a long term relationship. All of the people in the videos below have gone above and beyond to do something kind, thoughtful, or romantic for their loved ones. They are showing us all how it’s done! Maybe we should be taking notes?

1. This dad-to-be scooped out the perfect belly hole for his pregnant partner at the beach.

2. Watch this cute older man shuffle his feet to make a path through the snow for his wife.

3. The shortest, sweetest love story ever told.

4. When your song is on, you have to dance with your sweetheart. It’s the rules.

5. This man made the sweetest show of solidarity while helping his girlfriend shave her head because of hair loss.


After months growing my #hair for the first time in 10 years I had to ask my #boyfriend to #shave my #head again… first time was my granddad.

♬ Just the Way You Are – Boyce Avenue

6. Watch Dad dance the most adorable little jig when he finally got to take his wife out on a post-pandemic date.

7. She surprised her husband with a gift he’s always wanted.

8. This sweet wife wants to join in on her husband’s football fun. Dad to the rescue!

9. We all deserve a partner who’s this excited to see us after a week away!

10. These tough dads show their tender sides in a precious father-daughter yoga class.

11. When his daughter had to isolate due to COVID exposure, this dad delivered her food in the funniest way possible.

12. She surprised her boyfriend, who has been colorblind since birth, with special glasses that let him see the full spectrum of color for the first time ever.

13. They weren’t sure they’d ever see each other again, so they made this Valentine’s Day count.

14. Husband rents giant billboard to ask wife to marry him – again!

15. Elderly man learns how to style his wife’s hair so he can make her feel pretty at home.

We can feel the love, can’t you? Let’s all do what we can to make our loved ones feel special, loved, and needed today – and every day!

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