15 Pets Who Stole Their Human’s Partner And Would Do It Again In A Second

Have you ever introduced your pet to your love interest… only to suddenly discover that you’re the third wheel?


It’s easy to feel left out when your pet falls head over heels for your new partner! All of the cats and dogs pictured below were devoted to their human parents – right up until the point that they met that special someone. Now, all bets are off!

1. This guy probably wishes he never introduced these two.

2. The dog has made his choice. You have been made redundant.

3. “Came home and found my girl in bed with another man.”

4. “My cat absolutely adores my boyfriend.”

5. “Woke up to find my boyfriend and our dog sound asleep like this.”

6. “I went away for three weeks, and now my cat is in love with my husband.”

7. Her boyfriend said she was paranoid about the cat loving him more. Then he left the room and the cat did this.

8. “I just tried to hold my husband’s hand and my cat was not pleased about it.”

9. “My cat loves my boyfriend more than me, and when he hugs her, she looks at me like she’s stole my man and she knows it.”

10. “I was in another room and I heard my BF explaining a game to someone, by his voice he was really excited about it, but there was no one else in the apartment. When I went back to the room, this is what I saw.”

11. “My dog stole my girlfriend and he knows it.”

12. “My beautiful gf has never looked at me this way….”

13. “I just woke up and realized that I’m the third wheel.”

14. Is she gloating? Maybe just a little bit….

15. “My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond…. I feel like the third wheel.”

Don’t worry, there’s always enough love to go around. Just think, you and your pets clearly have the same great taste in partners!

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