15 Outrageously Odd Facebook Marketplace Listings That Made Us Stop Mid-Scroll.

You never really know what goes on behind your neighbors’ closed doors!


Facebook Marketplace offers an easy way for people to sell items they no longer want or need, but as with any online sales site, things sometimes get weird. There are some things that should simply never be for sale, like piles of old dental crowns or boxes of dirty Tupperware. Who would buy this stuff? When those bizarre items wind up for sale online, we can’t help but stop, stare, and laugh!

1. Bottles of (extremely flammable) gasoline inside empty liquor bottles… what could possibly go wrong?

2. File this one under “wishful thinking!” If that laptop is worth $2,800, we’ll eat our hats.

3. In marketing, they call this method “the claw.”

4. Yeah sure, “unused.” *exaggerated wink*

5. You could say he made a clean getaway! But seriously, this might be the perfect “crime.”

6. I don’t think you’re fooling anyone with these abominations.

7. Is there a dresser in there? It’s hard to tell with all that… other stuff.

8. Yes, they’re selling an original Van Gogh for $20. Better act fast!

9. Definitely, totally not stolen.

10. Come on in and take a seat! Maybe take two. Is there a BOGO deal available?

11. Which is more treacherous, the top bunk or the bottom bunk?

12. Fifty dollars for a box of dirty dishes? Here’s my wallet! (Side note: That’s one way to handle dishes you don’t want to do, I suppose?)

13. Oh, it’s stunning alright. We are definitely stunned.

14. Perfect those who love untangling tiny chains.

15. There are so many uses for this item! Ransom notes, stalker letters, anonymous packages intended to taunt the FBI agents investigating your crimes. So many possibilities!

Who knew scrolling through Facebook Marketplace would be such a wild ride? We’re definitely both confused and amused after perusing this bounty of strange goods.

Have you ever stumbled upon a bizarre item for sale online? Let your friends know when you share!

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