15 Memes So Wholesome You Can Count Laughing At Them As Self-Care

Let’s face it, there are a lot of mean-spirited memes out there. Don’t worry, these are not those memes!


In fact, the memes you’ll find below are 100% family friendly and guaranteed to make you smile, not cringe. Memes can run the gamut when it comes to cleanliness and good taste. We love it when we can peruse wholesome internet content and leave the negative stuff for someone else!

1. Love is in the air!

2. Is there anything more wholesome than puppy hugs? We think not.

3. Like a baby, that’s how.

4. Turn that car around and make sure they know they’re loved!

5. We’re forever in awe of those miraculous flying machines.

6. He probably used up every one of his 9 lives to do it. No regrets!

7. We’ll help our cats do anything: climb any mountain, forge any stream, bridge any open concept hallway. Anything!

8. This might be the sweetest kid-drawn picture ever. (Don’t tell our kids we said that.)

9. Just a duck in a bow tie, meeting his idol.

10. Well, the T-Rex was cold-blooded, right? He probably gets chilly.

11. Is there anything granny can’t do?

via MEME

12. You’re never too old to make new friends at the beach.

13. This is the best possible thing to do on a beautiful day!

14. Why do the simple things always amuse us the most?

15. Be right back – sobbing!

There you have it – 15 wholesome memes that don’t hurt anyone’s feelings, don’t use profanity, and don’t make us feel all “icky” inside. You’re welcome!

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