15 Legendary Classroom Signs That Prove Teachers Have The Best Sense Of Humor

teacher sign

Teaching is such a noble profession, but it’s not a job just anyone can do.


Being able to convey knowledge in a way young minds can easily grasp is difficult, as is putting up with all the hijinks kids tend to get up to. When it comes to being an educator, having a lot of patience definitely helps, but having a good sense of humor is a must!

1. Check out this teacher who just casually created art on a whiteboard like it’s no big deal.

2. This chemistry teacher saw kids daydreaming and gazing at the ceiling, so he gave them something educational to gaze upon.

3. Paging Jason Momoa….

4. When COVID humor meets bathroom humor.

5. This teacher’s magic wand appears to be broken.

6. This sign is even funnier because the image is from the “SNL” episode where Justin Timberlake starred as one of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies.”

7. We just love the message behind this one.

8. Talent? Yeah, this teacher’s got it.

9. This teacher gets an A+ for understanding how memes work.

10. Show us the music teacher likes “Star Wars” without telling us the music teacher likes “Star Wars.”

11. Something tells us the math teacher likes dad jokes. (It’s the signs that are telling us.)

12. We know some adults who could use this one!

13. Some teachers really get us.

14. When you ask your preschoolers to name your baby…. (Our vote is for Potato!)

15. No PDA allowed, please.

We have to hand it to these educators for making a fun, safe environment where their students can learn. With teachers like this, school might actually be fun!

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