15 Memes That Perfectly Capture The Hilarity (And Difficulty) Of “Adulting”

meme says "me: I'm going to start having fun on my days off. Life's too short. Me: photo of Dog sleeping in bed, second meme says "Adulting is a soup, and I am a fork"

Once you hit adulthood, you begin to truly appreciate how nice it was to be a kid.

Being an adult means dealing with difficult or annoying tasks (and people!) on a regular basis. It also means repeating the same tasks every day, from doing endless dishes to grocery shopping while keeping an eye on the budget. There’s so much boring stuff in our day-to-day lives, it’s no wonder there are so many relatable memes about wishing we could go back to having recess and juice boxes!

1. We get way too excited over things like boxes and office supplies.

2. We’d be all over this sale!

3. Admit it, you’re doing it right now!

4. Along with everything else. *Shaking fist at inflation*

5. Bottom right, representing!

6. Every single one of us has become our fathers. We must. Click. The tongs.

7. We try, but things tend to get a little bit messy.

8. Then again, we’d never get any laundry done if we had bottomless mimosas.

9. It’s us. We’re in this photo.

10. Maybe this is their idea of fun! No judgement.

11. You’re never too old for a blanket fort. Never!

12. Bad things always happen when we’re just minding our own business.

13. Angry and a little afraid, if we’re honest.

14. Cut to us, doom-scrolling in the middle of the night.

15. So many bags!

Grown ups, do you feel seen? We sure do! Don’t worry, you’re doing great. We’ve got this adulting thing down pat!

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