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15 Amateur DIYers Who Transformed Their Homes Into Real-Life Magazine Covers

before photo of a small new york city studio apartment with a mattress in the middle of the room and a dog walking nearby and an after photo of that same studio apartment that is now decorated and features a bed with curtains

Renovating a room is no small feat, but these DIYers on Reddit certainly know how to make it look easy!

Don’t worry, though – many of these groups are made specifically for amateurs. That way, fellow newcomers can find the inspiration needed to finally start a project of their own. These groups are full of stunning before and after photos, so we’ve gathered some of the best ones in hopes they’ll help you spark an idea of your own!

1. “Before and after of my small apartment kitchen. I don’t miss the orange! (Louth, Ireland)”

small, orange kitchen in an apartment in louth, ireland

2. It doesn’t even look like the same living room!

before photo of a living room with shag carpet and wallpaper in nova scotia

3. “Above pic is before we moved into our new house in Ohio…. bottom pic is after a solid paint job!! Feels so much more open and airy now and I love it.”

4. This may be a tiny bathroom, but that skylight brightens up the room so beautifully!

5. They didn’t have much space to work with in this NYC studio apartment, but they utilized what they had to create such a cozy space.

a small new york city studio apartment with a mattress in the middle of the room and a dog walking nearby

6. Now this is what we call a #glowup.

before photo of an office desk and computer in the corner of a room by windows

7. “My parents’ family home they bought in 2007 and renovated themselves! So proud of their vision and work.”

8. For under $100, this small bathroom was completely revamped!

9. “Bedroom makeover for my 9 year old son. Denver, CO.”

before photo of a 9-year-old boy's room with a bed with no frame

10. This staircase went from dark and spooky to bright and inviting!

before photo of a dark staircase with purple walls and dark carpeting in scotland, uk

11. “Feb 2020 to July 2020. I wanted to make my 650sq ft apartment a place I can actually feel comfortable during the quarantine! (Excuse the laundry on the floor.)”

12. With an outdoor space this nice, they may never want to go back inside!

before photo of a backyard patio with a fence and two cats walking around near a broken umbrella

13. “Before and after renovation of my tiny Scottish apartment bathroom.”

before photo of a tiny scottish apartment bathroom with a toilet in the corner under a window

14. This bathroom underwent a huge transformation in just three days for less than $500!

before photo of a small bathroom with yellow walls and outdated cabinets

15. “I remodeled my parent’s upstate NY kitchen during Covid. I did a lot of this by hand, myself and this is my first time ever doing anything like it. I had a blast.”

before photo of a kitchen in upstate new york with wooden floors and brown cabinets

Wow! We couldn’t be more impressed with how well these rooms turned out! It’s hard to believe that even the slightest changes can make a room feel brand new. Which one was your favorite?

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