14 Sweet Senior Cats Who Are Melting Everyone’s Heart

Every moment we have with our beloved pets is a gift to be treasured.


The oldest cat on record was named Creme Puff, and he passed away in 2005 at the ripe old age of 38 years and three days. While we wish all our pets had his longevity, the average domestic feline only makes it to their mid-teens. That’s why we have to celebrate each second with them!

Here are 14 senior cats who have already beaten the odds and are just as cute and cuddly as the spryest of kittens.

1. “15-year-old blind cat snuggling daughter’s toy because it smells like her.” 

2. “The cat shelter I volunteer with has a program that brings senior cats to visit seniors in nursing homes. This says it all.”

3. “My cat is now 20 years old. Here is a pic of her as a kitten (around a few months old) and now. She has always been tiny for her age!”

4. My 22-year-old cat noticed I was eating Doritos.

5. “Two years ago today I walked into a PetSmart and met a cat named Sonny, whom no one would adopt because he was 13 years old, covered in fleas, underweight, and had a mouth full of rotten teeth that had to be removed. He came home with me that night and it was the best decision I’ve ever made.”

6. “My grandpa passed away on Thanksgiving and no one would take his 18-year-old cat… so we did. Welcome home, Lovey!”

7. “When your cat is pushing 20 years old, but can still pull off that innocent baby look.”

8. “I was 23 when I adopted him. He’s 16 and I’m almost 40. Just the sweetest kitty.”

9. “Walked into the shelter and asked which cat had been there the longest… came home with a deaf, toothless senior lovebug.”

10. “Our 14-year-old cat that we found crying under a neighbor’s truck when he was 10 years old. He was chipped, but unfortunately his owner had died. Theo is the sweetest boy.”

11. “This guy has been by my side for 20 years today. He helped me through some rough times.”

12. Tigs is 21 years young!

13. “I hear you guys like old cats. This is Thomas. He’s 27.”

14. “We adopted an 11-year-old cat from a Chicago shelter. He and my 13-year-old daughter fell in love. This is them after she got back from a week at camp.”

What a bunch of cuties! These older kitties are proof that with lots of love and care, it’s possible to have our animal companions by our side for a long time!

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