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14 Weird Coworkers Who Keep The Office Interesting

Whether you’re in a tight cubicle or you sit comfortably in that fancy corner office with the window the size of Mt. Rushmore, millions of Americans can understand the struggle of the daily office grind.

Men and women aren’t meant to be sedentary, staring at computers all day… so the clever office workers below came up with a slew of ideas to brighten up each day and make their colleagues laugh! Check it out:

1. When you know the IT department gets overwhelmed easily.


2. Embracing the ‘cubicle life’ to the max.



3. Turning your coworker’s wine stain into artwork.


4. “There’s only one guy who works in my office so we changed the name of the men’s bathroom sign.”


5. When some choose to be brutally honest about their work schedule.


6. When all you want to do is go out and play with your friends.


7. When “office safari” becomes a thing.


8. A simple yet clever office prank.


9. People can be very particular about their parking.


10. When there’s food in the break room, you gotta get it while it’s hot!


11. Embracing the fact that printers never want to work.


12. “A coworker got tired of people asking where Ed is.”


13. When coffee is life, no matter what.


14. “People are starting to comment on how late I stay at the office.”


To the countless nine-to-fivers out there who can give us a good laugh, we salute you!

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