12 Precious Re-Creations Of Childhood Photographs That Remind Us How Awesome It Was To Be A Kid.

We all get hit with a wave of nostalgia every now and again… and that’s when the shoe box of old and usually embarrassing photographs are pulled out from the closet.   It’s then that we’re reminded of those awkward years (we all had them, don’t be embarrassed).


But these 12 people have taken revisiting the past to the next level… and while funny, this also melts our hearts in a special way.

By taking their childhood pics and re-creating them with perfection – with the same poses, facial expressions and setting – you get something… inspired. It’s inventive, creative and points to a sweeter time of innocence.

Check them out, reminisce, and think about how maybe a little more of that goofy attitude of playfulness could benefit you today!

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