“We’re So Proud Of Him.” Brave 11-Yr-Old Saves 4 Siblings From Massive House Fire.

Staying calm in distressing situations can be difficult for anyone, much less a child, but 11-year-old Brody of Clarksville, Tennessee, knew exactly what to do when he saw flames growing in the kitchen.

As the oldest child of five, his first priority was to alert his siblings so he could help get them out of the house ASAP, something that was all the more difficult with a brother who is just 2 years old.

four little kids smiling and posing while two of the oldest hold babies

"All you could see was just smoke coming out," Brody said. "My mom and dad told us, if there was a fire, to grab everyone and run out of the house and call 911."

Once three of his siblings were outside, Brody bravely ventured back into the house to save his baby brother, who was sleeping in a back room. In order to reach him, he had to run past the ever-growing flames.

11 year old boy named brody standing outside and looking into the distance

"I was just crying and yelling my brother’s name," Brody said.

While he rescued their fourth sibling, one of his sisters called 911. Their mother, Kimberly Sims, had just gone up the road to let her parents' dogs out, and by the time she returned, firetrucks were already surrounding their house.

They did the best they could, but it was too late — the house was a total loss, and most of their belongings were destroyed.

the outside of a house from the back that has been destroyed by a fire

Now without a home just before the holidays, Brody's aunt, Hannah Sims, started a GoFundMe to help them get back on their feet. She also created an Amazon wish list for the kids to cheer them up, especially during this time of year. In less than two weeks, they've already raised over $30,000!

Although the loss of their house and belongings has been devastating, the Sims family couldn't be more grateful that they still have each other.

"We’re so proud of him," Kimberly said. "We can’t even explain how proud we are of him and his two sisters who also got out of the house and called 911."

family of seven smiling for a photo

Brody is being hailed as a hero for saving his siblings, but the courageous 11-year-old doesn't quite view it like that.

"I did what any big brother would do," he said.

What a beautiful sentiment from someone so young! Great job, Brody! Don't forget to share this story to lift someone's spirits today.

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