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11 Habits Of Truly Happy People

In the words of Toby Flenderson of The Office, “What does it mean to be happy?” For more people than I would like to admit, happiness depends on the amount of stuff you own and success. But what happens when the stuff breaks and success is lost? If those are the things you cling to then the future begins to look quite bleak.

The truth is, happiness is not circumstantial. True joy comes from knowing your identity and walking it out every day of your life. To help you in your walk we’ve collected a few identity-driven tips to help you along the way. Remember, it’s never too late to be happy.

1. Create your own happiness (don’t sit back and wait for it).

Every second spent waiting for happiness is a moment that could be used to create it. The happiest people are not the wealthiest or best looking but those who chase down their dreams with everything they have. Make your happiness a priority, not a passing thought.

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