11 Rescue Dogs And A Homeless Man Travel 2,000 Miles For A Better Life.

There are over 70 million stray animals in the United States. Whether from abandonment, abuse, or loss, the problem continues to persist… and these animals end up living a short and sad life.

But one Californian is doing what he can to make a difference.

A homeless man named Steve took in 11 dogs–what he calls his “family”–and decided to move across the country for a better life.  He embarked on a 2,000-mile journey with only a bicycle, shopping cart and his 11 animals.



Steve and his unique family wanted to walk from Los Angeles to Indiana, to find a place they could call home.

When he decided to leave California, Steve knew he couldn’t leave any of his friends behind. He’d been taking in stray dogs since 2001-despite not having a home of his own- and has helped over 50 dogs find a family to love and care for them.



Along the way to Indiana, people took notice. It was obvious how much Steve loved his furry friends, and people jumped to help him out – getting them a hotel room, quality dog food and even puppy massages!



Alicia Erdington of the West Memphis Animal Shelter had her father set up a GoFundMe page for Steve that would provide lodging and food for the big-hearted guy and his friends.

Then things really started to look up. Steve met Kelley Seaton–a Tennessee native–who offered to drive the unique family all the way to Indiana, free of charge.



By the time they had finally reached the destination, Steve’s GoFundMe page had raised over 25,000 dollars! On top of it all, a local manufacturer donated a trailer to the troupe. This will be the first time Steve and his friends have had a home in 14 years.



Steve hopes to use his crowdfunding money to buy a small piece of land and live out his days with his little family.



He is a true example of a caring father.  Share if his beautiful story made your day! 

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