Nepalese Students Came In On First Day Of 10th Grade, But Were Shocked When They Noticed An Incredible New Classmate.

nepalese classroom students 68 year old man

In the Syangja district of Nepal, there is a school with a very unusual student. A 68 year old man named Duga Kami, is proving that it is never too late to follow your dreams.


Kami’s dream was to finish his education and become a teacher. But his pursuit of this dream was cut short in his youth when Kami was unable to finish school due to his family’s poverty. But now, at 68 years old, he is able to be a student again.


The fact that Kami has returned to school, at his age, is brave and inspiring all in itself, but the motivation behind his return is deeply moving and unexpected.

Kami lost his wife.

With her passing came grief and loneliness, but rather than giving into his sadness, it motivated Kami to action. He decided it was time to return to school, to finally pursue his dream.

“To forget my sorrows,” says Kami, “I go to school.”


Kami walks over an hour a day -6 days a week- just to get to school. Once he is there, he takes advantage of every opportunity. Kami not only participates in class (and on the playground, pictured below!), he also seeks to influence his fellow classmates. “If they see an old person with white beard like me studying in school, they might get motivated as well.”

His efforts to inspire his peers have paid off; the 20 students in his class, most age 14 or 15, call him Kami “Baa,” Nepali for “father.”


Kami had the bravery to pursue his dreams 50 years later, showing us it is never too late to change your life.

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