101-Yr-Old WWII Vet Travels Across Country To Honor Grandson At Air Force Graduation.

There is an unspoken bond between all the men and women who serve our country, no matter what branch they are in. However, there’s no bond quite as strong as those that are in the same family.

Recently, Joseph Kloc graduated from the US Air Force Academy and was ready to be commissioned. It is tradition that if a graduating serviceperson has a living relative who also served in the military, they are the ones who commission them. Joseph’s grandpa happens to be a WWII veteran but is 101-years-old, which left the new grad and his family wondering if his grandpa would be able to make it to the ceremony.


Traveling any distance can be difficult for someone who is 101-years-old, but Walter Kloc had no intention of missing his grandson’s big day. So, he traveled across the country, from New York to Colorado, to honor the Air Force tradition.


William served as a bombardier pilot in WWII. Joseph’s father told a local news station that his son is “fulfilling his dream and was so excited his grandfather…could commission him.”


The heartwarming gesture was not lost on the audience attending the ceremony. According to the US Air Force Academy’s Facebook page, Walter received a “standing ovation” and “everyone in the audience was gifted a memory they’d never forget.”


It seems clear that Walter was more than proud to pass the torch on to his grandson, and that Joseph has an amazing mentor to look up to as he begins his career in the Air Force.

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