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10 Yr Old Has Attracted The Attention Of Millions, His Home Guitar Video Is Extraordinary.

At 10 years old, Toby has attracted the attention of millions.

Toby told Rock and Blues News “I filmed my first Onesie Jam…wearing a onesie that mum made for me. I liked the idea of doing a weekly jam in a onesie!” He has 3 onesies: a tiger onesie, an army onesie and a guitar onesie.

When he made these home videos he had no idea they would appeal to over 12 million viewers.

Unlike some viral videos that blow up for no apparent reason, his video attracted  attention from avid guitarists all over. His fans consist of blues guitarists Joe Bonamassa, Bernie Marsden, and Mick Box (lead guitarist in the band, Uriah Heep).

toby in actionphoto via

Like some of the above mentioned blues guitarists, Toby’s love of music developed at an early age. At age four, his grandmother gave him a ukulele. “I played it until all the strings broke” he said.

“Then Santa gave me a red Strat copy when I was 7 and that’s where it started,” he said. “I felt like a rock star and carried it everywhere.”

When asked how much he practiced, he told Rock and Blues News “I just play all the time… I always have a guitar in my hand.”

He only recently started learning covers. “At my Rock School – The Witchwood School of Rock – we do not do covers – it’s all our own songs.”

toby with guitarsphoto via

Still a normal elementary aged boy, Toby attends Crackley Hall School in Kenilworth, but he also goes to The Witchwood School of Rock in Oxfordshire a couple of times a week.

Watch the video below to see Toby’s soulful performance of one of his recently learned B.B. King covers. And be on the lookout for his next onesie masterpiece.

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