The 10 Words Every Mom Wants To Hear.

father and son

“Babe I’m taking him so you can get a break.”


This is what my husband said to me just about as soon as he hit the door after a long day at work yesterday. And off they went for a half-hour golf cart ride around the neighborhood looking for “dinosaur eggs” (aka coconuts — shh… don’t tell).

Fellas — this is it. It’s not as mysterious and difficult to figure us out as you sometimes make it out to be. If you want to make your girl swoon pre-kids, take her to dinner or bring her flowers. But, if you want to make your baby-momma swoon, those words there at the top go a long way.

It’s our pleasure to take care of our babies & the other responsibilities of running the household all day but, at the end of it, just 20 or 30 minutes of quiet to do whatever we damn well please sure goes a long way with us. Especially as soon as you get home — not because we haven’t missed you, but because we want to connect with you feeling like ourselves again, not give you our frazzled leftovers.

Krissy Brynn Jackson

Maybe it’s not even about getting a break, maybe it’s just the fact that you’re thinking of what we might need that’s so attractive.

It doesn’t take anything spectacular guys, just a nod of recognition that says “I get it so tag, I’m it”… even just for a few minutes. Maybe it’s just me, but that’s more attractive than anything you could buy.

And, after doing this simple little gesture, rest assured that 10 minutes after you leave we’ll start counting the minutes til you both come back home.

This story originally appeared on Krissy Brynn Jackson, Teacher-Mom Blog

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