“Wait, My Mom Did What?” 10 Fantastic Reasons To Thank Your Mom.

Mom with newborn laying on her chest sleeping

1. She changed your diapers … Alright, everyone knows babies are the cutest but underneath that precious facade is a nuclear explosion that someone has to clean.  Just ask my mom.


Baby Diaper Change


2. She was there for you when you were down … In other words, she has probably soaked in about 20 lbs worth of your runny nose and tears onto her favorite shirts.



3. She got you to school (sometimes to your embarrassment).


4. Ya, she barely slept for about 2 years when you were really young.



5. She did this for you… (to spell it out: this is a guy experiencing the simulated pain of birth)


6. She woke up mornings with you in her mind. For every day you asked for 5 more minutes of sleep, she was up WAY before you.



7. She put up with your ridiculous arguments when you were a teenager. Curfew? Brand new car? That $200 article of clothing that “everyone else has and that I have to have or I am literally going to die!”  I’m sure you can name several times looking back that seem just crazy now.



8. She filled the needs we didn’t know we had. Here’s to that time I almost set my apartment on fire while attempting french fries…

cooking fire


9.  She pushed you to be a better person. One of my mom’s classic lines was, “remember where you came from,” when I would go off to a friends house, or college, or into life. It has always stuck with me.



10. SHE LOVES YOU! This is so often forgotten. Your mother is amazing, don’t forget her love.



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