10 Of The Coolest Insect And Arachnid Behaviors Caught On Camera

a turtle with butterflies flying around it and ants drinking something colorful

The world is full of wondrous creatures of all shapes and sizes, and we love discovering all the ways that they’ve learned to survive, adapt, and even have fun!


Insects and arachnids are especially fascinating because they’re so tiny. The creative approaches they’ve developed to get around this huge world are fun to watch and can even be inspiring! That’s why we’ve gathered some of our favorite videos showing off their unique behaviors below.

1. This time-lapse video shows the awesome process these ants go through to dig tunnels through sand.

2. Spiders can be terrifying, especially when they’re too close. But this time-lapse of one spinning its web is beautiful.

3. Meet the Hemaris, a type of moth that looks almost nothing like a moth.

This fascinating creature is a master of disguise. Commonly referred to as a hummingbird moth, it’s often mistaken for a hummingbird or even a bee!

4. A fascinating “tooting” sound from a beehive captured on video.

Bee colonies depend on their queen to survive, so it’s no wonder she has a unique call to grab their attention. In this case, the queen bee is making what is often referred to as a “tooting” sound, which is created when she vibrates her wings.

The territorial declaration is often a sign that a queen is about to emerge from her cell, that a mated queen is moving around, or that there is more than one queen present in the colony.

5. This spider’s curly hair doubles as a secret weapon.

When threatened, this unique tarantula will kick the hair off its abdomen, aiming it at the threat. The result? Their predator is blinded!

6. Some insects, like ants, can transfer food to each other through a process called trophallaxis. This is also a way for them to communicate!

7. Butterflies in the Amazon rainforest sometimes drink the tears of turtles.

Sodium is highly important in a butterfly’s diet as it’s vital to the reproduction process. But because sodium is so hard to come by in the Amazon, in part because it’s so far away from any ocean, the butterflies that live there have to get creative.

8. Clever fire ants form a raft to save their colony from a flood.

9. These young caterpillars can’t help but “dance” when the person filming starts to beatbox!

10. Known as “ghost ants,” these translucent insects make it possible to see what they’ve eaten.

Wow! It can be so easy to forget just how intelligent these tiny creatures are. As scary as they can be up close, it’s quite fun to observe and learn about them from afar. Which of their behaviors surprised you the most?

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