Top 10 Funniest Tweets About The 2016 Olympics

For many, the Olympics are a time of reflection. Reflection on the value of hard work and discipline as these amazing athletes compete, on the world as all the nations come together, and on the human spirit as each athlete’s story touches hearts around the globe… But for some, the Olympics are a time to take to Twitter and make people laugh. Either way, everyone loves the Summer Olympics!


We’ve scoured the internet for the top ten funniest tweets about the 2016 games in Rio. From parenting, to amazement, to laziness, to torch lighting, these ten tweets span a variety of topics under the Olympics-umbrella, and they are all sure to make you laugh!

Check out the tweets below and add your Olympic-commentary in the comments.

1. When your kid quizzes your flag knowledge during the Parade of Nations…

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