10 Fascinating Creatures You Never Knew Existed

Most of us can’t grasp the unbelievable variety of species inhabiting the Earth today… especially those which most haven’t even heard of.


And out of 8 million estimated species living on Earth today, there are some that are quite… unique.

From seemingly smushed turtles to snails that look like dragons, it’s time to dive into a pool of creatures you were completely unaware existed.

Here we go!

10 Fascinating Creatures You Never Knew Existed.

1. Saiga Antelope

This is a great one to start with – The Saiga Antelope’s most interesting feature is pretty obvious: it’s nose.

  • via immortal
    The incredibly distinct feature is not just for looks, it also serves a greater purpose. Because of its flexible nasal structure, the Saiga is able to warm up the air before it reaches the lungs during cold winter months. How about that for a build-in heater?

  • via notextinctyet

    You may be thinking the picture above is of a different gene pool… but in fact, the Saiga changes its golden coat to white during winter to fit in nicely with the snowy surroundings.

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