14 Couples That Prove True Love Still Exists

How often do we think about the lives couple’s lived before we saw them? Or about the mutual spark that brought them together years or maybe decades before?

When we see a young couple strolling down the sidewalk pushing a stroller, or an elderly couple shuffling into a diner, we really only see them as they are, at that very moment. A man and woman who have two or three years of marital bliss under their collective belt, or a set of grandparents eager to get seated for an early-bird special.

In the photos below, you’ll see vulnerable and goofy couples of all ages, all proving that true love is not just an illusion!

  1. Who could forget Aly Raisman's adorable parents at the Olympics?

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  2. Side by side for life.

  3. You're never too old ... to do anything.

  4. A hopeless romantic was at work here!

  5. How adorable is it that Mom saved this?!

  6. These playful parents are having some fun with their daughter and her boyfriend.

  7. He's been gone only a matter of hours!

  8. Dad caught at the store buying flowers for Mom.

  9. He re-proposed!

  10. Sometimes they use poetry.

  11. They make sacrifices for family.

  12. They never loose that special spark!

  13. Nothing stops their love.

  14. How creative is this?!