Tiny Horse Thinks He’s A Cyclist, Joins “Tour Of Poland” Race In Hysterical Video.

We’re off to the races! Cyclists showed up in record numbers at this year’s Tour de Pologne (or Tour of Poland), but one competitor couldn’t help horsing around.

Midway through the historic race, a palomino painted pony was overcome by the spirit of competition and started hoofing it through Szczyrk, Poland with baffled cyclists behind and before it.


Undaunted by the two wheeled racers, the pony legged its way down the street while cyclists did their best to avoid its path. The sight was so strange that several riders pulled out their phones and started recording during the middle of the race.

All was going well until the horse approached a left-hand bend where it struggled for grip, just managing to keep things horse-shoe side down while accelerating out of the corner.

The miniature pony didn’t have the legs to keep up with the riders in the end and it slowly trailed to the back of the pack where hopefully it was found by its owner and taken back to pasture.

We can’t speak for the errant owner that brought their pony to a bicycle race… but, for the sake of this video, we’re glad they did.

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