Widow Holds Teddy Bear Up To Ear, Breaks Down When She Hears Familiar Laugh.

When the love of your life passes from this world, family is there to remind you what really matters.

Redditor GuacamoleFanatic took to the forum to show us the moment her mother was reminded of her late husband, who passed away from cancer after 32 years of marriage. The family gathered at a restaurant for the occasion where the woman’s kids handed her a gift.

It was a teddy bear with a special surprise.


In the video, the widow opens a box from Build-A-Bear workshop while her children watch. Inside, she finds a teddy bear dressed as a cowboy. One of the children tell her to squeeze the bear. She holds the bear close to her ear and realizes her kids programmed the bear to play her late husband’s laugh.

As the reality washed over her, the woman begins sobbing into the the bear’s soft fur.

Redditors who watched the video were equally struck by its emotional power.


One day, we will all pass away. But faith, hope and love will never fail. Even if your loved ones go too soon, remember them and the memories you’ve made. Keeping a positive perspective will honor them and carry you through any grief.

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